The Truth

I'll cease to preach for a moment I'll remove my mask of self-righteousness and stand vulnerable in the nakedness of reality I'll surrender my pride and frankly admit I don't have all the answers We can feign omnipotent wisdom We can scramble together our fractured, shattered thoughts and call the resulting image the absolute truth [...]

Why Christ makes you more human, not less

Why Christ makes you more human, not less

There are a lot of teachings in the church that are really damaging because they inadvertently suggest that Christians should deny fundamental aspects of their own humanity. I have previously spoken briefly about how I was influenced by a lot of Charismatic teachings the last few years, and although that's not the main thing I [...]

Pursuing Authenticity

Lately I've had some realizations when it comes to this blog and my writing in general. The last couple months I've been thinking a lot about authenticity. I've been thinking about how Christians often aren't completely genuine because they feel like they have to talk a certain way or present themselves a certain way in [...]