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My name is Bethany, and I’m twenty-one and a senior聽in college. On this blog, I want to encourage young adults to think for themselves and to look at the world through a biblical lens.

This blog is intended for young Christians who are frustrated with traditional religion and church culture but also don’t want to conform to secular culture, and who want to live biblical lifestyles.

As the gospel is counter-cultural, I believe the Church should be counter-cultural too. So I want to encourage Christians in my generation to think biblically and to refuse to be boxed in by cultural or religious norms. I also want to encourage people to break free from consumerism and live simply so that they can focus on the things that really matter.

I believe the gospel should be undiluted by cultural trends or political agendas, and I believe we should live as if we truly belong to the Kingdom that is not of this world. I believe we should be eternally focused rather than preoccupied with seeking fleeting happiness and success.

I think it’s so important to distinguish between what’s biblical and what’s merely cultural. There are so many stereotypes and expectations of what Christians should be, but we should look to scripture to tell us who we really are. And when I read the Bible, I see that we are called to be nonconformists who go against the grain, not people who spend our lives trying to live picture perfect, comfortable, sheltered lives and exclude those who are different to us.

On this blog you’ll find posts about my attempts to discover what it means to live a truly biblical lifestyle, along with some posts about simple living. I don’t want to settle for the average western, religious version of Christianity that we’re often shown here in America, but I want to find the real truth. I believe Truth is a Person.

I don’t believe any one Christian can get everything right, and I’m still just trying to figure out what following Jesus should look like. I want to wrestle with some difficult questions, and I want to encourage people to think and question and look at things differently. And most importantly, I want to encourage people to pursue an authentic relationship with Christ.

I like writing (obviously), home decor, books, minimalism, and music. I’m a British and American dual citizen and have lived in both places half my life. I聽go to a liberal arts college and am majoring in聽literature. I believe in living simply and humbly and am passionate about natural living (particularly when it comes to the food I eat and the products I use). I love nature and the countryside, have an obsession with plants, drink too much tea, go through journals at a ridiculous pace, and love Christian music that doesn’t suck.

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