The Truth

I’ll cease to preach

for a moment

I’ll remove my mask of self-righteousness

and stand vulnerable in the nakedness of reality

I’ll surrender my pride

and frankly admit

I don’t have all the answers

We can feign omnipotent wisdom

We can scramble together our fractured, shattered thoughts

and call the resulting image the absolute truth

We can obscure the marks of our ignorance under bandages of pride

We can boldly declare

that the whole picture has been delineated for us

so that we are never in the dark

Yet we are only mere vapors

eager for even a glimpse of a fraction of the masterpiece

Right now, we see through clouded windows

the distant landscape obscured by fog as dense as our doubts

Our uncertainties are often more tangible than the truths we seek so eagerly

In exhaustion from endless searching, many idly proclaim

“There is no truth!”

If we cannot know the whole, we’ve no use for the parts

Yet these parts, if assembled with patience and care,

can form an exquisite mosaic

We are only permitted to see through a glass darkly

so that we will seek the Artist

rather than merely glimpse His artistry.


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